What Is A Smart Stove?

Prasino Smart Stoves offer a stylish and efficient alternative to traditional wood-burning stoves.
Powered by smart technology, Smart Stoves burn recycled wood pellets to deliver sustainable, low-emission room heating and combine web enabled controls with stylish modern product design.


How Does It Work?

Our Smart Stoves utilise unique wood pellet burning technology to provide sustainable, low emission and instantly controllable space heating.

Pellets are fed at an automatically controlled rate from the integrated hopper with the flow rate adjusted to deliver the required room temperature. Ignition is automatic and combustion is fully computer controlled through a number of sensors, ensuring accurate room temperature measurement and optimising efficiency and comfort.

The power level in the stove, which controls the heat output, can be user selected using either the integrated or remote control options, including our smartphone app.

Prasino Smart Stoves require only minimal cleaning, which is easy with our built-in Speedy Clean technology. So a Smart Stove involves no logs, no fire-up time and no mess!

Putting You In Control

Smart Stoves give you the ultimate control over the way you heat your room.

The combination of our unique and patented operating technologies and web enabled smart controls ensure you can achieve the optimal blend of efficiency and comfort and can manage your heating to suit your lifestyle.

Integrated Controls
The built-in operating technologies ensure that the supply of fuel, supply of air, burning temperature, and flue temperature are all fully automated, monitored and measured to guarantee efficient performance.

User Controls
All Prasino Smart Stoves offer a range of user settings and built-in room temperature sensors, providing fast response to auto-ignition and comfort level adjustment.

In addition to the user controls on the stove itself, each model can be operated remotely from our mobile app. Use it in the house to initiate ignition, set the power level or adjust the room temperature. Or operate it remotely while you are out and come home to a warm, cosy room.

Prasino Smart Stoves are also fully compatible with home automation and connected control devices, including Alexa and Hive.

Three simple ways to connect to your Prasino Smart Stove and always be in control of your heating.

Control App Control Home Control Outside
Nina Smart Stoves (Performance & Efficiency)

Performance & Efficiency

The first Ecofire pellet stove was developed at our supply partner Palazzetti in 1994, kick-starting a track record of successful technology development that has contributed to a product range that delivers the highest standards of performance, efficiency and reliability coupled with low emissions and environmental impact.

Today’s Smart Stoves achieve impressive, market-leading performance standards, including:

  • Ultra-low carbon monoxide emissions at just 0.06%
  • Unique burner technology, designed to neutralise up to 80% of particulates and carbon dioxide when the stove is ignited
  • Fully-sealed unit technology coupled with our unique primary air circuit, takes the air required for combustion directly from outdoors, preventing cold air from entering the house
  • All models fully comply or exceed Eco-design requirements and reduced particulate emission legislation

Heating That Doesn't Cost The Earth

The primary environmental impacts of a heating system are:

  • Sustainability - The degree to which the fuel source can be renewed
  • Environmental Impact – The impact of burning the fuel source on the greenhouse gas effect
  • Emissions – The amount of harmful emissions created by the heating process

Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a renewable source of energy. Managed forestation projects help sustain this valuable resource. Wood pellets are manufactured using waste from offcuts left during the manufacture of wooden products and wood that is recycled after its original use. Using recycled wood pellets, the fuel source for Prasino Smart Stoves, extends the life of original wood still further, making these stoves a genuine renewable energy source.

Burning recycled wood pellets is an eco-responsible choice. Relatively little energy is used to produce the pellets and burning them releases no more carbon dioxide than is absorbed by the equivalent tree during its life cycle.

Prasino Smart Stoves generate exceptionally low emissions levels, already meeting or exceeding the latest legislation designed to reduce these harmful effects, which are often associated with traditional log burning stoves

Define Your Style

Prasino Smart Stoves benefit from inspired Italian design expertise, which has created a product range with an option to enhance any space.

Choose a Contemporary, modern design or a more Traditional look, and consider a colour choice to complement your décor. If space is tight, our Slimline models will sit against an available wall space to utilise minimal footprint without compromising heat output.

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